HUSK Target Protection Boot (pair) PURE
HUSK Target Protection Boot (pair) PURE
HUSK Target Protection Boot (pair) PURE
HUSK Target Protection Boot (pair) PURE

HUSK Target Protection Boot (pair) PURE

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  • Where do these boots protect?

Tendon, inside of fetlock, inside and outside of canon

  • How do these boots protect?

These boots are made with a combination of 3D impact dissipating material used in bullet proof vest and riding helmets to name a few.  The material is like a flexible honeycomb cage that compresses, but not fully, to take the brunt of the force at the site where it is applied rather than driving it away from the material as with solid materials

  • How do these boots keep legs cool?

Using 3D honeycomb like material, the hot air can not only pass away from the leg, but cool air can circulate within the boot to keep the atmospheric temperature down

  • Which discipline are these boots useful for?
In the same design as a brushing boot, these boots are versatile in their application.  More suited however to hacking and schooling 
  • White
  • Shaped carefully to protect the top and bottom of leg without limiting movement and comfort 
  • Comes in a pair
  • Flexible, yet supportive
  • Hygienic - boots can be hosed or washed in a machine at 30 degrees
  • Quick dry - boots dry in up to 30min after total submergence in water
  • The most light weight of our collection so not limiting performance through weight under 150g
  • Stylish - Boots are designed to fit contour of horses' legs, designed to give maximum freedom of movement. 

These boots match perfectly with our No Spin Over Reach boots

Please note that all HUSK items come in a sealed clear plastic bag. This bag is for hygiene purposes. If this has been removed and products have been applied to the horse, HUSK reserve the right to cancel the order based on the Consumer Rights Act 2015

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