HUSK Air Pro Dressage Pad, Bandages, and Liners Bundle

HUSK Air Pro Dressage Pad, Bandages, and Liners Bundle

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A fantastic opportunity to purchase the entire dressage bundle in one for a discounted price!

A slim line super close contour dressage saddle cloth that lifts away from the horse's shoulder and wither.  Great breathable effect using a combination of flexible, soft, airflow material on underside, topside and within, as well as a quilted affect to further facilitate air movement.   This pad is super light, and quick drying. 

The 3 dimensional material used, along with quilted effect also an air pocketed cushioning, shock absorbing effect, ensuring maximum protection for the horse when under saddle.  Stylish and understated design is a must have for all competitive riders.

These innovative bandages come in a set of 4.  Using fully breathable using unique 3D material, no neoprene or felt, HUSK air bandages allow air to flow between the layers as well as inside and out. Formulated  to prevent over tightening on horse, and unbelievably light. These bandages are also easy to wash, and quick drying.

The HUSK Air Liners are a fantastic combination with the Air Bandages.  Using 3D Breathable material on the upside and underside, as well as a breathable, non foam fabric within, the Air Liners assist in evening out bandaging pressure, and improve the stability of the bandages without adding heat to the leg.

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