HUSK Air Pro Dressage Horse Saddle Pad Aztec Blue

HUSK Air Pro Dressage Horse Saddle Pad Aztec Blue

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A slim line super close contour white dressage saddle cloth that lifts away from the horse's shoulder and wither.  Great breathable effect using a combination of flexible, soft, airflow material on underside, topside and within, as well as a quilted affect to further facilitate air movement.   This pad is super light, and quick drying.  

The 3 dimensional material used, along with quilted effect also an air pocketed cushioning, shock absorbing effect, ensuring maximum protection for the horse when under saddle.  Stylish and understated design is a must have for all competitive riders.

This saddle cloth matches beautifully with our La Irenita Air Boots or Air Bandages , 
or if you would like Air Bandages and Liners too, why not look at our Dressage Bundle that has all three items at a SPECIAL price! 

Please note that all HUSK items come in a sealed clear plastic bag. This bag is for hygiene purposes. If this has been removed and products have been applied to the horse, HUSK reserve the right to cancel the order based on the Consumer Rights Act 2015

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