HUSK's kit precedes the brand every time, meaning that it's the gear, in particular the Air Boots, that attract many of the best riders in the world.  These riders prioritise the health of their horses, and they appreciate how much their horses sacrifice to enable them to succeed in their chosen careers.  

We are blessed as a result to have the opportunity to work with like minded people at all times, which is a huge part of the enjoyment of what we do.

Here are the HUSK Ambassadors: 

La Irenita Polo 

Created by the late Dr Jorge Mac Donough, and now run by the Mac Donough family, La Irenita not only has 2 very successful polo teams, the organisation is one of the largest polo breeding programmes in the world.  With over 3000 acres and 3000 horses, you will find La Irenita equine athletes storming polo matches and tournaments world wide.

Pablo Mac Donough

Pablo has been the pivotal piece in the success of HUSK in polo since his late father Dr Jorge Mac Donough discovered the brand via his nephew, and now good friend, Jacinto Crotto.  Born in Buenos Aires, a 5th generation Irish Argentine, sport ran through his veins.  His great grand father James, an Irish immigrant who settles in the pampas in th elate 19th century was a horse aficionado.  When Pablo was 14 years old he won the Potrillos Cup, the most prestigious youth tournament in the world. Together with some of his family members, he put together his own team:  Ellerstina.

Ruy Fonsesca

Brazilian Olympic eventer Ruy has won 4 Pan American Games medals, competed in 2 Summer Olympics, 2012 and 2016, as well as set for Tokyo.  Ruy  now resides in the Oxfordshire countryside, UK, and has created a training centre for fellow Olympic eventers and teams.

Facu Sola

Former polo player for Las Monjitas, the team that stormed the Argentina Open finals, with a shock win against Ellerstina a few years ago.  Facu died his hair orange for the match, and the entire stand of supporters followed suit to support an electric final vs La Dolfina.  Facu, 9 goaler, is now making his mark all over the world with his passionate play.  

Juan Nero

Juanma is a 10 goal polo player, famous for his strong defence  in the record breaking team La Dolfina.  Now named Nero the Hero who got back on his horse for the team in the finals of the Argentine Open despite fracturing his femur from a dramatic fall from his horse to help them win the 7th consecutive Open title.

Hilario Ulloa

Practically born on horse back, Hilario is one of the most passionate people we have met about the welfare of his horses.  Focussed and quiet, his confidence in the saddle hints at a history steeped in horses.  Ulloa, a 10 goal rank, is known for his tenacity, an example during the semi final of 2011 British Open the head of his mallet broke off, so he turned it around and scored a goal with the handle!

Nic Roldan

Fuelled by talent, charisma and passion, Nic is present leading American polo player ranking at 8 goals.  He is the youngest polo player in the world to win the prestigious US Open Polo title at the age of 15 and has captained Team USA.  Winning victoriously on all 5 continents at every level, Nic attracts worldwide acclaim.

Lukin Monteverde

Lucas Monteverde Jr son of the famous Polo player Lucas Monteverde is  new sensation in polo.  At the age of 13 this young polo player played in his debut game at the Queen’s Cup 2019 against Casa La Vista while he is playing for UAE Polo Team, and continues to play for UAE across the world.

 Ellie Fredericks

Daughter of the world class eventer Lucinda Fredericks, Ellie is coached by and following in the footsteps of her parents.  At the young age of 17 years, Ellie has bucked the curve by already competing successfully at Intermediate and 2*.  Ellie is fearless, fiercely competitive, and has a fantastic sense of humour.  She has an absolute love for her horses, and knows each one inside and out.

Jacinto Crotto

Whilst playing alongside the Prince of Wales and George Meyrick, Jaso saw our boots on George's horses, and it was the photo that Jaso took and sent to Dr Jorge Mac Donough that leap frogged HUSK into the world of polo.  Ranking at 7 goals, Jaso coaches and plays for UAE polo team, as well as others around the world. He is the most passionate and brave player we have ever met, and a great friend for us here at HUSK.

Lia Salvo 

Lia is one of the best female polo players in the world, ranking at 9 goals in women's handicap in Argentina and England.  She started to play when she was 10 years old.  She is fierce and graceful at the same time, and has an incredible way with her horses.  She calms and focuses them by just her presence!

 Hazel Jackson

Hazel is one of the most important representatives of the competitive female polo circuit.  The talented British player is the second woman in the world to have ever reached 10 goals, and last December she won the Argentine Women's Open Championship alongside El Overo UAE.  Originally from the New Forest, UK, Hazel just loves being in the countryside and around horses, she's really spiritual also and a pro at yoga!

Lucy Straker

Lucy is an International Grand Prix Rider based in heart of Wiltshire UK countryside.  Starting her career as a show jumper and dressage, her career began to focus more on dressage when she titled National Dressage Champion at Malvern Championships.  Lucy likes to train all of her horses from scratch to Grand Prix, and now trains with the wonderful Carl Hester MBE.  Lucy is kind and compassionate, with a streak of absolute determination, and the love for her horses is out there for all to see.

Harry Muddle

British polo player and originator of Burningfold Pro Am polo, Harry has been by HUSK's side from the start.  Harry has a real love for his horses and knows each and every one of their likes and dislikes.  He has an absolute love for the sport and is an absolute ambassador for amateur polo, the grass roots that feeds the sport for the future

Adolfo Cambiaso

Described in the polo world as 'the Messi of polo' Argentianian, Adolfo Cambiaso currently holds the number one spot in the world polo tour rankings, and has done for an incredible 20 years!  In his sporting careers thus far Adolfo has amassed an impressive 164 title wins!