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Our Story

HUSK was built on a dream to innovate and challenge the status quo, as well as a love for horses and the desire to help improve their well-being.

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Our Commitment

Having attended BETA, Horse of the Year Show, and Olympia, one of the lasting memories was the smell and abundance of plastic, in all shapes and colours! Grooming products, leg protection, packaging, it was everywhere...

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Why Buy #Husk?

HUSK, which stands forHorse Ultra Sports Kit, was formed on a dream of creativity and family aspiration. Owners of PATENTED Air Flow Technology for ALL Equine Skin Protectors, specialising in Breathable Horse Boots! HUSK are proud to state thatallof our kit is tested regularly to continuously prove the claims that we make.

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Our Team

HUSK's kit precedes the brand every time, meaning that it's the gear, in particular the Air Boots, that attract many of the best riders in the world. These riders prioritise the health of their horses, and they appreciate how much their horses sacrifice to enable them to succeed in their chosen careers.  

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 When you ride a horse you borrow a piece of freedom ~ Helen Thompson