What can overheating of tendons do to our horse or pony's legs?

Louise Butcher

What damage can over heating do to our horse or pony's legs?

What is the temperature at which damage starts to occur on the peripheral tendon sheath and skin, and the core tendon?

How long does it take for the damage to occur?

This clinical paper is a fantastic source of information......

Cut and paste the below link into your search bar and read away!


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  • Lorraine on

    My daughter, Brooke Gray is currently training with her young elite mare,“Inamorata” at Luke Baber Davis’s yard
    (Chailey Stud).
    She is a pure Dressage rider and with a horse of such calibre and value can really only have the best protection for those valuable legs!!
    I recently purchased a set of Titan boots. We love them! I now need to purchase a dressage numnah and I want to start kitting her out completely with your products
    Unfortunately the Numnahs are sold out. She has a sponsorship from Harry Dabs saddles and is currently testing the very first female build saddle, Which was designed by Luke Baber Davis who himself is trained by Carl Hester
    I am telling you this because I would like to ask you if you do sponsorships , maybe you would look at her and her amzing youngster as a future prospect aprt from that
    Could you please let me know when your numnahs become available again
    Many Thanks
    Lorraine Gray

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