My HUSK Story by Sam Mason @hilltopdressage

My HUSK Story by Sam Mason @hilltopdressage

I remember scrolling through Social Media one evening- who on earth knows what for- when I first came across HUSK for the first time.  I remember thinking how interesting the concept behind the breathable horse boots was and how much it intrigued me.  I am always on the lookout for products that will benefit my horse’s wellbeing so I wanted to know more.  I wanted to touch and feel the boots, to see if the claims of weight, flexibility and breathability were true.  

Completely by chance I was competing at a British Dressage event close to me.  I had done my tests and was in the process of treating my long suffering unpaid groom, also known as mum, to tea and cake when I first met Louise as she had a stand at the event showcasing her boots. Mum had noticed her on walking through the show centre whilst I had been riding but had no idea I had been following the early development of HUSK.  Finally I had a chance to see these boots up close, to touch them, feel them and generally man handle them and more importantly talk to the lady behind them.  Louise explained everything, the story and the science.  That was it, I was hooked. I made my first purchase there and then.  That was back in summer 2016 and the boots are still going strong today!  Mum also loves the lightness of the boots and the speed at which they dry when washed - no more soggy boots hanging around in the house to dry!

I continued to follow the growth of HUSK, watching more products develop and evolve. 

The saddle pads have been a game changer for one of my horses.  I’ve had Monty since he was a weedy 3 year old, and have backed and brought him on myself.  He was my first baby horse.  At the age of 5 he started to develop hard lumps under his saddle.  After vet investigations he was found to have Nodular Skin Disease, he was basically allergic to his own sweat.  We tried everything to alleviate this and spent an awful lot of money in the process.  Although it wasn’t a painful condition, I was always concerned about friction rubs from his saddle pads and of course I didn’t want any more to appear.  I ended up using sheepskin lined saddle pads.  This helped to reduce the bumps but they were still there.  The pads always felt big and bulky under my saddle and I was always conscious in the summer months of how warm he would get wearing them.  Then Louise bought out her range of saddle pads.  I tentatively purchased one to see if he would react as he had with normal cotton pads.  I need not have worried - the lumps completely vanished!  His skin was breathing and the amount of sweat dramatically reduced so the lumps weren’t forming.  Let’s say I think I now own one in every colour and style!

In 2016 we welcomed Hope to the family, a 2 year old filly bred by our wonderful friends.  She is a proper diva princess!! It goes without saying the now she is 5 and working towards our dream of top hat and tails she only wears the best - she only wears HUSK!

Having followed HUSK from the very beginning I’m so excited to see where it goes in the future.  I know with Louise’s passion, drive, determination and belief in her products the sky is the limit.  I for one will continue my support for these fabulous products and will try to spread the word about HUSK with as many recommendations as possible.  But mostly I will continue to liberate my horse’s performance and let them breathe.      

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