My Blog- Chloe Brown

My Blog- Chloe Brown

When I first agreed to write this blog I had many different ideas on what to write, but it wasn’t until I sat down and attempted to brain storm these ideas I really had no clue where to start. This is my first blog so please bare with me…

It wasn’t until a few days ago when I was sat down having a cuppa hiding from the never ending storm Ciara, Dennis and procrastinating against doing my uni work , that I had a light bulb moment about that I could write my blog about.

Now I know for many of us when we coming to doing our specialised disciplines whether that be Dressage, Show Jumping, Eventing, Polo and many other disciplines we always ensure our horses are comfortable, protected and we all love to throw in that matchy matchy set for training, well the question is do we ever think about their body temperatures and how much they over heat under that protection and how this can affect their overall performance?

Well, I certainly didn’t not for a long time, I was addicted to matchy sets ensuring my horse every time she was ridden she was suited and booted in a variety of different colours… wasn’t until I noticed that she was starting to develop rub patches from the seams and certain areas of where she sweated and she then became sensitive when tacking up. After a while when taking her bandages/boots off I started to notice her legs becoming extremely hot and then she started to develop hair loss.

After doing some research into all of this, I then stumbled across HUSK having heard of the company before through friends and seeing Vittoria Panizzon compete in these saddle pads I was intrigued to find out more to why HUSK was different from the other brands of saddle pads, boots and bandages.

I remember saying to mum how can the saddle pads be breathable surely they can’t regulate the airflow and ensure that the horses don’t over heat when they sweat. I used to use a variety of different cotton saddle pads, eventually I bit the bullet and purchased my first close contact grey HUSK saddle pad which arrived in time for Bicton 1 in 2019. Summer crept upon us early last year so as we set off to Bicton in 20 degree heat this was the best time to try out our new saddle pad! After we had been cross country we headed back to the lorry to wash her off, immediately we noticed a difference she wasn’t hot under her saddle pad or had produced any white foam round the seam area she was much happier in herself and not as sensitive.

Over time my HUSK collection has grown and I have changed my saddle pads and never looked back, the biggest test for me was after I had clipped seeing if her “rub” patches returned which they didn’t.

Recently I invested in the HUSK tendon and over reach boots they’re incredibly lightweight but the fibres in the layers create a spongy effect absorbing any impact when she either over reaches or hits a fence.

So if it wasn’t for researching into the HUSK products and talking to a few friends I’d be none the wiser about any of this. All I can say is I now have one very happy horse and the quality is incredible making the horses look smart and stylish with the variety of colours when competing and training.

Oh and I can’t forget to mention about the ease of washing the products in a machine or with a hose….they dry instantly even in the cold weather! 

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