How to Prevent Tendons from Becoming Over Heated? Water Lane Vets

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Research on Polo Horses - Boots Vs Bandages

It's clear that tendons heat to improve their locomotive performance, however the level of heat and length at which the heat is sustained is what we are concerned with.  Hannah explains in this article that tendon heat is eliminated via convection through the blood vessels in the skin of the lower leg.  Therefore if this is covered with an insulating product, the tendon cannot release the heat, and subsequently over heats.  It is at this point that the cells begin to malform.

Therefore is is KEY that as much skin as possible is exposed to the air to allow the heat to escape.  

Take a look at what you put on your horse's legs and ask yourself the question.... "Can the heat escape effectively from the leg to the atmosphere with this product?"

Link here to article:

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