How HUSK gave my horse her happiness back by Poppy Marsom

How HUSK gave my horse her happiness back by Poppy Marsom

I first started using HUSK at the beginning of 2018. I discovered the revolutionary brand at a time where I was seeking some luck or good news for my 23 year old mare Dice.


After months of being lame, having extensive tests run and numerous sleepovers at the vets, the scans concluded that Dice had torn her Digital deep flexor tendon in multiple places. We believe this was a result of direct impact or general wear and tear due to being a successful showjumper for the majority of her life.


DDFT injuries are serious and have a high failure rate. Only 30-50% of horses will return to ridden work and therefore, careful choice of treatment and meticulous rehabilitation is crucial. After many sleepless nights, I decided on the surgical route which although was incredibly daunting, was the best decision I could have made for Dice to enable her to return to ridden work as she certainly isn’t a horse that would suit retirement just yetand simply loves to be ridden and jump.


Eventually, a few months down the line, Dice had recovered well from surgery and was now on 6 months box rest which she took to surprisingly well. I’m sure many of you will have gone through the stages of rehabilitation which includes the in hand walking that seems never-ending! In April 2018 we got the all clear to start turning her out for a few minutes each day which although was fantastic news, I was worried she would be silly and damage her leg again. This is where I started doing research into leg protection that was protective, breathable, lightweight and also not outrageously expensive.


I had tried all of the basic boots that most people will have owned somewhere along the line but none of them were doing a good job at keeping her legs cool to prevent further swelling of the tendons. I had seen the HUSK on social media so decided to educate myself further on their ethos and individual products to see if they would be suitable for Dice. And I’m so pleased I did…


Over a year down the line, I am well and truly in love with HUSK and the liberation it provides Dice with. I genuinely feel that Dice wouldn’t be ridden again let alone jump at the level she is without HUSK products. HUSK has stopped her tendons from overheating during ridden work and turnout but also unlike other boots, uses materials that spread impact which helps prevent her tears to make an appearance again!


Every day she gets turned out in HUSK rock boots or ultimate boots which gives me peace of mind knowing she is protected out in her field (Dice paces lots and runs around frequently). She then comes in to be ridden in either the same boots or HUSK bandages which liberates all aspects of her performance. I also travel her in her bandages (my favourite is the lipstick red colour) to ensure her legs don’t overheat on long journeys.


Overall, I believe that HUSK has given Dice the specialised technology that she needed to return to ridden work and genuinely helps to protect her from further damage that would be caused by boots claiming to be breathableand not protecting her legs sufficiently from impact.




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