Have you thought about your horses boots?

Have you thought about your horses boots?

A little food for thought..

Imagine a hot summers day and your sweating in your T-shirt.

If you weren’t hot enough, imagine putting on a wetsuit and doing an hours fast run or maybe you prefer a fur coat?

This is what you are doing to your poor horses legs.

A lot of boots are made or contain neoprene.

Being a Cornish girl and spending the majority of summer In a wetsuit, I know first hand neoprene is designed to keep you warm!

Some may have an air vent added in but let’s face it when 90% of the boot is neoprene it’s not going to do a lot.

Then there’s the fleece lined, as far as I’m concerned I wouldn’t put a fleece on to cool down, would you?

I am incredibly grateful to Louise at HUSK for enlightening me on these issues.

As I myself, are like a lot of people and had no idea the catastrophic effects that overheating tendons could cause.

I would always boot for protection on the outside, not realising I was probably doing more damage to the tendons inside the leg.

HUSK boots have eliminated that worry, they are made from military grade material which is sourced by material experts, therefore make them incredibly tough and will dissipate any impact.

Then the breathability, the whole boot allows air to flow in and around the leg, keeping temperatures low and regulated.

They are super lightweight and porous so even after cantering through the water jump they won’t become heavy.

Will you think twice about what you boot your horse in?

Check out HUSK YouTube for some serious insight.

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