HUSK. Sponsors Peak Performance Horses' Natalie Banks and The Unicorn

HUSK. Sponsors Peak Performance Horses' Natalie Banks and The Unicorn

Incredible day in the rolling Bedfordshire hills spent at Peak Performance Horses yard, owned and managed by  Grand Prix dressage rider Natalie Banks.  Natalie's personality is infectiously positive and light hearted, her determination and resilience however is that of an ox! 

Having taken a client out to source them a dressage horse, Natalie spotted a gem - Giloma.  Despite being rather gangly, Giloma had the most expressive movement Natalie had ever seen, her words were "I've ridden and seen many great dressage horses, but it's rarely one really stands out like Lola".  Not expecting to buy a horse for herself, Natalie did not have the money to buy Lola, but knew that she was an opportunity that could not be missed.  She raced back home and made it her mission to source the money for Lola somehow.  Remarkably within two weeks, Natalie had created a syndicate of clients and raised the money!  Also to note that not one member of the syndicate had any interest in profiting financially from this purchase, simply the objective was to celebrate with Natalie her projected journey of success with this horse!

And what a great eye for horses Natalie has!  Giloma has won almost every young horse dressage class so far with scores in the mid to high 70's each time.  This horse is truly going to go far, and the partnership is enviably natural, and wonderful to watch!  In fact it seems GIloma, aka #theunicorn, have quite the following already, with spectators rushing to see her perform at Keysoe, Houghton Hall, and Addington!  The partnership have already qualified for Hickstead 2016, and we at HUSK. are very proud to be a part of their journey. 

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