The HUSK. Photo Shoot with Canadian Para Dressage Rider Bert Sheffield

Louise Butcher

The drive to meet Bert was gorgeous, through the Fens, bathed in Winter sunshine.  We were on our way to meet at Knights End Equestrian, as they had kindly let Bert use their indoor school to try out our gear and take some pictures.

Bert brought Wonky, her future prospect for WEG.  She's a Gelderlander, taken straight from a wild herd, but you would never have guessed.  The relationship between horse and rider was that of trust, it was lovely to see.  Wonky was quite nervous as this was a new environment, and Bert's calm and confident demeanour put Wonky at ease.  We put our HUSK. boots on and over reaches.... Bert apologised that they were a bit dirty....we were excited by the fact they were dirty as it meant "well used"!

We watched Bert calm Wonky and start her work, you could see why Wonky was such a good prospect, she had beautiful paces....scopey and covered so much ground with elegance.

We got some great shots which we were delighted with, and do was Bert.  Bert is really looking forward to receiving her G2 boots with greater clearance of fetlock joints.  We are excited to watch this team's progress, and journey to success alongside our HUSK. gear.

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