The HUSK. Sponsor Vittoria Panizzon Italian Olympic Eventer

The HUSK. Sponsor Vittoria Panizzon Italian Olympic Eventer

It was a pretty grey day to say the least, but we were uplifted at the thought of commencing our journey to the Malvern Hills to visit Vittoria and her team at Hollins Court Farm.  We were given a warm greeting, and a warm cup of tea from Vittoria - we felt very welcome.  Vittoria had just moved into her new yard and was excited to show us around.  The yard was bustling with activity, as the team were painting gates and stables, the builders were constructing Vittoria's office, tack room, rug room, and wash room - it looked like a stylish house!  The atmosphere was energetic and happy, and the horses gazed contentedly out of their stables admiring the misty view of the Malvern Hills.

Vittoria then took us to meet the famous Woody and of course the infamous Borough PennyZ, they had both just returned from a hack around the lanes, they were contented as they nibbled their haylage.  The horses looked in top form despite the wet winter, Vittoria had been hunting them to keep them fit and fresh.

We then had the opportunity to spend some time with Vittoria and the team explaining the story and science behind The HUSK.  The team brushed down PennyZ and Woody so they could model the kit, they looked very smart, and we felt really proud of what we had achieved so far.  We discussed opportunities for improvement to ensure that our brand is ever moving forward and progressing.  Vittoria expressed her passion around warming up and cooling the horses down effectively, and the fact that she is constantly looking for kit that keeps her horse protected and cool - it was music to our ears!  We discussed the importance of spreading the word amongst equestrians, no matter what they do with their horse, it is paramount that legs and backs are kept cool at all times to minimise injury.

Vittoria has agreed to show case our saddle pads, and we are currently waiting for our jump range to be completed and launch.  We can't wait to see Vittoria and PennyZ in the HUSK. gear!  We were even more excited to hear that team Italy, Vittoria being part of the team, have qualified for the 2016 Rio Olympics - a perfect climate to be wearing The HUSK. thermo regulating gear!

Exciting times ahead for both Vittoria and The HUSK.

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